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From production to your home
If you choose Becafire, you choose a handmade fireplace of top quality.

Every step of the production process is completed with the utmost care to provide you with the perfect fireplace.

Browse through our website and be convinced by the quality and design of a Becafire fireplace.
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Discover the Becafire built-in fireplaces and stoves.

From our own region

For years now, the Belgian producer Becafire has been designing and developing an exceptional range of high-quality built-in cassettes. A great preference for pure details, simple materials and shapes allows Becafire to develop integrated design products. A wide standard range supplemented with numerous options and customizations. Products for every interior, which fit perfectly with every wall or piece of furniture. Enjoy the numerous customization options in terms of dimensions, frames and extensions to make your fireplace a fully-fledged part of your interior.

A clean window for more convenience

The appearance of the window is central to the development of BECAFIRE products. The warm air circulation has been developed in such a way that the window of the heating chamber is constantly cleaned by the air circulation. The airflow creates a dynamic screen that carries away the soot and dust particles in the heating chamber. This keeps your device's glass cleaner for longer and requires less maintenance. In addition, the appearance of the window also depends on the moisture content of the wood, the pulling force of the chimney and the air supply.

Easy to use

The combustion chamber of BECAFIRE products is so airtight that the fire reacts at the slightest movement of the air inlet valve. The controls are designed to cool naturally. The shapes and movements of the controls are very natural and intuitive.

Ash pan

The Becafire ash pan collects all the ash and is easy to remove.

Product overview

Built-in fireplaces

Stylish wood-burning fireplaces.


Modern stoves with steel cladding.


Whether hanging, on a stand or on a tablet, it doesn't matter, the CUB'R impresses by excelling in its simplicity and beauty, the CUB'R needs nothing else to be elegant .

Go back to basics with wood heating

Fire creates a sense of security, as it has been for mankind for a long time when it was a means of protection.